If you want to replace butter with healthier alternatives while baking, here are some options

If you want to replace butter with healthier alternatives while baking, here are some options

Baking is the most therapeutic of all works in the kitchen. Moreover, with the coronavirus lockdown in place, more people have begun baking at home. The goodness of that freshly baked cake, just out of the oven, lies in loads of butter. However, so much butter can obviously add a few extra pounds. Many of us, along with looking for the joy of cooking, are also looking to take some time out for working out and meeting our workout goals. Thus, it is advisable to substitute the butter in your baking with healthier alternatives. They go a long way in reducing the fat and calories without compromising on the taste. Here are a few substitutes that you can use while baking.

Apple Sauce

Applesauce is often used as an alternative to oil in recipes and can be used as an easy substitute for butter as well. It works best for cake-like recipes. Replace half the amount of butter with applesauce and you are good to go. If you prefer a moist, dense cake, you can replace all the butter in the recipe with applesauce.


Mashed avocados work as the perfect substitute when baking cookies and loaves of bread. Use the same method as with applesauce and substitute half of the butter in the recipe with the avocado mash. It makes for soft and moist baked goods along with lowering the calorie content. You can also use avocadoes to make frosting.

Canola Oil

If the recipe calls for melted butter, oil acts as the best substitute. Even though canola oil, too, is a little high in calories, it compensates for the lower saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium. You can easily experiment with recipes to help you gauge which recipes work better with canola oil.


Perfect for cookie recipes, you can easily replace half the butter with yogurt. This will reduce the number of calories and also saturated fat when you use yogurt. You can always experiment and play around to decide how much yogurt you want to put, depending on how you like the taste and consistency.

Prune puree

It makes for the perfect low calorie, low-fat alternative. You can easily replace the entire amount of butter that the recipe demands with prune puree. You can either opt for a store-bought puree or is you have the time to, make it at home by simply pureeing the prunes in a food processor. It goes perfectly with recipes that contain chocolate and cinnamon.