Face shields are better than masks, according to experts. Here’s how you can make your own

In many states, wearing a mask has been made compulsory every time one steps out of the house.

Due to coronavirus being highly contagious in nature, which can travel via droplets up to six feet, doctors aren’t just urging medical professionals but also the general population to wear a mask. Wearing the mask is the best way to prevent infection as it blocks the most vulnerable entry points (nose, mouth and eyes).

Masks have been highly recommended as equipment of safety but now epidemiologists from the Lowa hospital, Tokyo suggest that face shields are better because they cover a greater surface area and help keep wearers from touching their face.

More importantly, face shields are durable and can be cleaned after each use and used repeatedly. Many people find it even more comfortable than face masks.

How to make a face shield?

Prominent Japenese designer Tokujin Yoshioka has made an easy face shield to guard against the coronavirus transmission.

To create “easy to make face shield” you will need a hard PVC sheet, which will protect your eyes, nose and mouth – COVID 19’s favourite entry points.

3 steps to make the mask

– Draw a face like outline on a paper
– Keep it over the PVC sheet and cut it with the help of scissors.
– With the help of a pencil blade, make two holes on the temple part of the mask.
– You can simply pass the temples of your glasses from where you had made the cut.
– Your mask is ready