Self-isolation sessions: PVRIS frontwoman Lynn Gunn shares songs for cooking and dancing

If you’re looking for a playlist – either to listen to with family in the comfort of your own home or completely alone (also in the comfort of your own home) – some of Insider’s favorite musicians are sharing the music that’s getting them through it.

Today we have PVRIS frontwoman Lynn Gunn listing her favorite tracks, including multiple Weeknd bops and a Tinashe tune.

PVRIS is releasing the album Use Me on July 10 and they recently released the single ‘Dead Weight.’

Here’s what Gunn ​had to say about her self-isolation playlist:

I honestly don’t really listen to music unless I’m driving or cleaning, so I guess this is my current driving/cleaning playlist. I always just want to feel good and be able to dance/bop along and stay energized wherever I’m going. The essential stars here are new tracks from The Weeknd (no explanation needed) and Anderson Paak’s ‘Am I Wrong’ because it has my favorite baseline and loop/jam ever at 3:07.

Maybe it’s avoidance/needing a distraction but for the last few years, all I want to listen to is music that feels energizing and fun. Most of my playlists are pretty random and scattered, I add to them constantly and they’re like a living and growing entity. When I’m off of tour and trying to unwind and get present, my favorite thing is being out in nature, going on long drives and exploring, so having an upbeat playlist in the car is always key for days like that. My second favorite thing after that is to grab some friends, drive to the grocery store and cook something fun and dance around the kitchen. A good playlist is also key for that kind of night.

Obviously, in social distancing/quarantine days, there’s not much to drive to anymore and it’s not the smartest to have friends over, so this playlist is a combination of one of my pre-quarantine driving playlists with some new additions I added on my last trip to get groceries and cook some goodies! In these strange times, I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning and cooking so this has turned into my domestic-Lyndsey playlist – catch me dancing with a broom, like Mrs. Doubtfire. One day this will turn back into my driving/party playlist…one day.

Listen to it front to back, it has a pretty fun flow:

‘Perfect Crime’ by Tinashe

I’ve been a Tinashe fan for a while, her most recent album is absolute fire and I was playing it front to back pretty much every day in my car pre-quarantine. One day when quarantine ends I will also ‘shake my a** in the moonlight’ with my best friends.

‘Selfish’ by Little Simz

We were just over in the UK and this was a heavy rotation for me on our morning drives to each show.

‘Hold On’ by Little Dragon

Little Dragon is a go-to feel-good band for me. It’s the ideal cooking with friends soundtrack or driving with the windows down on a day of adventure. Also, this baseline is fire…

‘10%’ by Kaytranada

Another great cooking song. Also, this entire album front to back flows so it’s a great party playlist. I was playing this album a lot a few months ago while I was finishing up the album in Nashville. I’ve made a lot of winter soups after the studio with this song bumping in the background.

‘In Your Eyes’ by The Weekend

I’ve been a long long long time fan of The Weeknd. I loved his early music but I really love his pop side as well. I think he’s already an icon of our time and I strongly believe he will keep solidifying that for the rest of his career. This is one of my favorites from the new album.

‘Nightside’ by Sad Penny

Gotta have a little mid-tempo/slow jam in the mix just to rest from all the hot fire! This song makes me want to run around in a field on a summer night with someone special. Maybe one day when we’re all out of quarantine that can happen, I’m accepting applications currently. *Looks off into the distance…*

‘Two Hearts’ by Zola Blood

I love this band so much. Aside from Little Dragon, they’re one of the only bands I’ve really gotten into over the last few years. They’re the perfect dreamy/rainy day band. This is their new song that they just released recently and I’m obsessed with it, it leans a bit more rhythmic and pop as far as the production but still has their signature flare.

‘Am I Wrong’ by Anderson .Paak

I’m very late to the Anderson .Paak game but I finally did a deep dive this last year and I’m obsessed. The first time I heard this song in my car I almost jumped out of the window when the jam session at 3:04 kicked in, it’s too good. The baseline is also up there with one in Little Dragon.

‘Aura’ by SG Lewis

This has been in my playlist rotation since last summer. It kept me happy and dancing in my car pretty much every day for the last year and still does the trick now!

‘Too Late’ by The Weeknd

Copy paste my earlier gush about The Weeknd. Another one of my favorites from his new album.